There Will Be No MTA Fare Hikes Or Service Cuts In The Near Future, Governor Hochul Announces

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There Will Be No MTA Fare Hikes Or Service Cuts In The Near Future, Governor Hochul Announces

New York Governor Kathy Hochul recently announced that thanks to the new federal infrastructure bill, there will be no MTA fare hikes or service cuts for the next couple years.

Acting Metropolitan Transportation Authority CEO Janno Lieber also told radio station 1010 WINS that “there are no fare hikes in the MTA’s 2022 budget.”

The Governor shared the news at a press conference while she was on her way to Washington D.C. to witness the bill’s signing by President Biden this afternoon. She stated:

We’ve done the numbers. And as a result of the money we’ll be receiving from the president signing the bill today, I’ll be witnessing this. We anticipate that there’ll be no fare hikes for the MTA. So therefore, those of you who are commuters on the MTA and have been anxious about how much this is going to go up, especially in this era of inflation, when it just seems when you’re just trying to get your head above water and come out from under a long dark period of the pandemic, and you might get a little bit more money in your paycheck, that the cost of living from gasoline to the cost of turkeys in another week and a half, this is really affecting people’s ability to just put food on their table.

She also said that service cuts that were planned for 2023 and 2024 are now “off the table” for commuters.

This past summer, MTA board member Larry Schwartz had announced that the MTA would not be increasing fares until at least 2022, but now it appears that hiatus will be expanding even longer. The last time there an MTA fare increase was in the spring of 2019 (but just for weekly and monthly, not the one-time fare of $2.75).

You can learn more about what else the new bill is bringing to New York specifically in our recap here.

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