To-Go Cocktails Are Returning To NY, Governor Hochul Announces

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

To-Go Cocktails Are Returning To NY, Governor Hochul Announces

And most New Yorkers and businesses were disappointed when they were unexpectedly canned (no pun intended) this past summer.

But luckily, there’s some good news on that front! New York Governor Hochul just announced that the legislation will be returning soon to help local businesses.

It’s all part of Hochul’s “Billion Dollar Rescue Plan” relief package to help support bars, restaurants and other small businesses who have suffered during the pandemic — and that was shared in her first State of the State address on Wednesday.

“New York’s comeback depends on the recovery and success of our small businesses,” Governor Hochul said. “Since the pandemic hit, small business owners have been struggling with unprecedented challenges. New York is here with a simple message: help is on the way.” Here is what the statement in the plan reads:

  • Permanently Legalize the Sale of To-Go Drinks for Bars and Restaurants: To-go drinks were a critical revenue stream for New York’s bars and restaurants during the pandemic, helping many small businesses across the state pay their rents or mortgages. Governor Hochul will permanently allow for the sale of to-go drinks for off-premises consumption to continue supporting the recovery of bars and restaurants. 

Still, it’s not 100% yet, as it will require an official change in law. Though a timeline doesn’t appear to have been shared, Gothamist reports they expect the process to begin in the spring, when the state budget is worked on. The good news is once it is approved, it will become a permanent part of NYC.

Other elements of the relief plan includes the Small Business COVID Capital Investment Tax Credit, Seed Funding for Small Businesses, Small Business Lending Initiative, and The Excelsior Contracting Opportunities Initiative. You read more specifics in the press release here.

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