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New York Will Allow To-Go Cocktails Through At Least July 26

By Claire Leaden

New York Will Allow To-Go Cocktails Through At Least July 26

New Yorkers were quite happy when Governor Cuomo allowed restaurants and bars to serve to-go alcohol, but that provision was set to run out of at the end of June.

Luckily, the Governor just extended the law, which allows the sale of to-go beer, wine and cocktails, through at least July 26. Eater reported the news after a senior advisor to the Governor, Rich Azzopardi, shared the decision with the Albany Times Union.

“We understand the positive impact this has had for businesses during this trying time, and we intend to renew this option in an upcoming executive order,” he explained to the newspaper.

The State Liquor Authority officially changed its rules on March 17, allowing bars, restaurants and distilleries to sell their product off-premises. The order has already been extended twice so far, and language within the provision states that it “may be extended or reduced depending upon the circumstances.”

Also, last month State Senator Brad Hoylman proposed legislation that would extend the law for an additional two years. Still, lots of the recent issues of overcrowding on NYC streets were due to New Yorkers getting to-go drinks and then drinking them on sidewalks and streets as if open container laws weren’t in effect, so that is likely making officials rethink the rules.


This decision comes at the same time as news that NYC may not open indoor dining as planned at the beginning of Phase 3, set for July 6. So, it can potentially offer local bars and restaurants additional opportunities for business that may be put on hold.

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featured image source: Instagram / @thehighwaternyc