To-Go Cocktails Will End In New York

Justine Golata Justine Golata

To-Go Cocktails Will End In New York

Alas, we must sadly bid the sweet convenience of take-out cocktails adieu after today.

Over quarantine, NYC got used to many things: their cramped apartments, arguing with their roommate, and of course, ordering cocktails to-go.

After Governor Cuomo announced a state of emergency back in March of 2020, many licensed restaurants and bars soon began to sell alcohol to-go or for delivery (following additional state guidelines and requirements).

Takeout/delivery of alcohol became very helpful for businesses to bring in additional income during such a difficult time. The concept was met with so much approval, that to-go drinks were even given a previous extension to be sold through July 5th, 2020.

However, the NYS Liquor Authority (SLA) tweeted yesterday that the “temporary pandemic-related privileges to-go and delivery of alcoholic beverages ends after June 24th, 2021,” the same day that marks the end of New York’s state of emergency after 15 months.

According to the SLA, after Governor Cuomo announced on June 23rd that the state of emergency will end as of June 24th, all associated executive orders will no longer be in place.

Therefore, this will be “the end of the temporary to-go and delivery privileges for bars, restaurants, and manufacturers, and the resumption of those privileges only as they exist under the law, e.g., on premises retailers may sell beer, cider, and mead to go or for delivery, and manufacturers may generally make sales only to persons physically at the premises.”

For more details on the termination of to-go cocktails, read here.

featured image source: Instagram / @thehighwaternyc

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