NYC May Get To Continue Serving To-Go Cocktails After The Shutdown Ends

A new piece of legislation would extend the allowance for two years after the COVID-19 crisis

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

NYC May Get To Continue Serving To-Go Cocktails After The Shutdown Ends

A NY State Senator has proposed new legislation that would allow bars and restaurants to continue serving to-go alcohol beyond the pandemic.

When New York declared all restaurants and bars would need to close—and could only serve take-out and delivery—a part of NYC culture was undoubtedly lost (for necessary safety measures, of course). But there was one bit of good news—Governor Cuomo had the State Liquor Authority changes its rules to allow them to serve wine, beer and cocktails to-go.

The move has led to many eateries getting creative with their offerings and allowing them to increase their sales at a financially precarious time, especially bars that don’t serve food. It’s become especially common during warm weather to see New Yorkers grabbing icy cocktails to-go from their favorite neighborhood bars.

So, New York State Senator Brad Hoylman proposed new legislation yesterday that would allow NY bars and restaurants to continue to do so for up to two years beyond the end of COVID-19 crisis. 

“New York’s hospitality industry is hurting,” he said. “Iconic bars and restaurants — from Gem Spa in the East Village to Coogan’s in Washington Heights — have permanently closed. Alcohol delivery and take-out could be a much-needed lifeline for these small businesses.”

When followers asked about maintaining quality of life for residents (though you technically aren’t allowed to open them and drink on the streets), he assured them that the bill requires the State Liquor Authority (SLA) to “conduct regular outreach to Community Boards to assess quality of life issues, and it allows the SLA to hold hearings to determine whether to suspend or revoke an establishment’s ability to sell liquor off-premises.”

Right now the status of the bill is in the Senate Committee. There is no word yet if Governor Cuomo supports the bill, and of course he would have to approve it in the end of the process.

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