Millennial Pink Lettuce is the Latest Food Trend To Take Over NYC

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Millennial Pink Lettuce is the Latest Food Trend To Take Over NYC

Lately, foods (and drinks) have become increasingly popular based on their color and photogenic qualities. What’s interesting is the fascination with the natural colors of these foods, or the natural ingredients that make create the colors. For instance, activated charcoal ice cream, noodles that change colors using butterfly pea flowers, ube everything, and even matcha-infused beer. Each adding its own unique color to the dish (or beverage).

Now, the most recent food trend to hit NYC goes by the name: Radicchio del Veneto.

This pink chicory with a fancy name is the trendy new “millennial pink lettuce.” The vegetable itself isn’t new, but its bright color has certainly contributed to its recent popularity. This specific chicory is only available for a short time in late winter and early spring, so you’ll likely only see it around for another month or so.

The restaurant King in SoHo featured a Radicchio del Veneto salad on their menu and Insta-perfect.

I mean, c’mon…look at this beauty!

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If you want to use the ingredient at home you can pick up the chicory at Whole Foods and Eataly!

Featured image source: Instagram / @PlatesonPink

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