These Magic Noodles Change Colors as You Eat!

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These Magic Noodles Change Colors as You Eat!
The McCarren Hotel & Pool in Williamsburg was already popular for its pool in the summer. Now, it’s taking over Instagram with a beautiful new dish that changes color right before your eyes! 


The hotel’s Thai restaurant, Thaimee, only opened a month ago but they’re already turning heads and blowing up on Instagram. The restaurant has one very special menu item called yum wood sen (magic noodle salad)—and magic it is!

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I grew up with butterfly pea flowers in Thailand – so I am so happy that now they have their chance to shine in NYC as the key ingredient for my magic noodle salad bowl. 💜💜💜 happy noodle days my friends!! Photo credit by my fellow Thai in nyc @feedyourgirlfriend ยำวุ้นเส้นเปลี่ยนสีของบ้านๆดอกอัญชัน สวยงามเฉิดฉาย งามอย่างไทย สรุปวันนี้เพ้อหน่อยๆ✌️ #happy #nationalnoodleday . #foodandcuisines #beautifulcuisines #foodandwine #tastingtable #lovefood #buzzfeast #spoonfeed #forkyeah #tasty #delicious #eeeeeats #zagat #eater #newforkcity #bestfoodworld #fwx #feastagram #grubstreet #nycfood #nyceats #eatingnyc #nycdining #nycfoodie #dailyfood #feedfeed #goodeats

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The cold noodle dish created by Chef Hong Thaimee gets its natural blue color after being soaked in water with butterfly pea flowers. 


After squeezing a bit of lime onto the noodles, the acidity of the lime turns the noodles a beautiful purple from the already vibrant blue. Who knew noodle salads could be so fun?!


Whoever tries to tell you that magic isn’t real has clearly never seen these noodles. Chef Thaimee plays with colors in other menu items as well. Look at these beautiful blue dumplings! 


Featured image source [Facebook/Thaimee at McCarren]

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