This Experimental East Village Tea Bar Serves Matcha-Infused Beer

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This Experimental East Village Tea Bar Serves Matcha-Infused Beer
The East Village bar scene is full of trendy spots that continue to pop up with exciting menu items to try. Beer enthusiasts and green tea drinkers alike will definitely want to try this vibrantly green, matcha-infused beer at 29B.

The teahouse is dedicated to bringing you a wonderful selection of rare teas, with a tasting room “that allows one to try the finest teas from Japan, Korea, India, China and Taiwan all in a single sitting.”

That said, they also prepare the teas in new and fun ways—hence the matcha-infused beer!

As Grubstreet first reported, 29B uses “a rice-based lager from Japan’s Echigo Beer Company…It’s matcha, first whisked with a bit of the beer in a traditional tea bowl before getting poured in the glass and topped off to create a thick, frothy head.”


Sounds (and looks) delicious!

Aside from the colorful matcha-beer concoction, the tea bar serves sake and biodynamic wines that compliment your tea, in addition to tasty small plates that pair perfectly with each tea as well.

This trendy new spot is an absolute must for any tea drinker.

Featured image source: Instagram / @29bteahouse

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