Report Shows NYers Are The Least Likely To Survive A Zombie Outbreak

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Report Shows NYers Are The Least Likely To Survive A Zombie Outbreak
With Halloween is only a week away, a study shows NYC is the city LEAST likely to survive a Zombie apocalypse, placing us at the bottom of 53 major metropolitan areas.

The Walking Dead is back on the airwaves, but what would have happened if Rick woke up in NYC instead of Atlanta? According to a study, it wouldn’t have gone well.

The study, by CareerBuilder, found that NYC would fall due of a number of social, geographic and demographic reasons; skills, population density, food supply and industry resources. The survey found that because of a lack of weapons, a dense population and a lack of non-perishable foods, we lack the preparation and survival skills needed to fight off an invasion of the walking dead.

We know what you’re thinking, what makes these guys the Rick Grimes of Zombie fighting? Well, their survey was quite thorough, CareerBuilder looked at things like “percentages of population in the military” and “protective service jobs” and “numbers of small arms held by residents” to determine a city’s ability to defend itself against the undead. Unfortunately, we don’t cut it.

So… you guy’s planning to leave the city in search of the Alexandria safe zone? Let us save you the effort, here are the 5 cities best and worst prepared to survive:

1. Boston, MA

2. Salt Lake City, UT

3. Columbus, OH

4. Baltimore, MD

5. Virginia Beach, VA

49. Chicago, IL

50. Riverside-San Bernardino, CA

51. Los Angeles, CA

52. Tampa, FL

53. New York, NY

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