A Local Artist is Resurrecting A Macabre NYC Halloween Tradition

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A Local Artist is Resurrecting A Macabre NYC Halloween Tradition

 Artist Jane Greengold, or Jane the Impaler, is resurrecting a grizzly 15-year tradition after a three-year break. This year she is bringing Halloween tradition back. Here is everything you need to know. 

Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, once was home to a chilling Halloween tradition that was insanely popular in the local community. Every year, until 2013, carved pumpkin heads were impaled on a spiked fence on the corner of Kane Street and Strong Place.

Artist Jane Greengold originally created the public art display for Halloween in 1998, when she lived in her home in cobble hill. She would impale the carved pumpkins on the fence outside of her home the leave them there to rot away. Sadly, when Greengold moved to Fort Greene in 2013, the display stopped, much to the disappointment of the local community.


Thanks to her old neighbors urging her to resurrect the display, this year Greengold is back, and this time she’s asking the community to pitch in.

Jane is hoping to attract creative sorts from all around the borough to come and impaler their own macabre pumpkin-creations on the fence. The artist will be setting up her gory installation on October 31 between 3 pm to 7 pm, as the neighborhood’s children begin their trick-or-treating antics.

Listen to a radio interview Jane Greengold took part in about the display five years ago:

If you are around Cobble Hill you should definitely try and catch the display, but beware, the longer you leave it the further the state of decay… by Christmas, the impaled head will be more like weird black goop.

Find out more at Greengold’s site.

Featured image source [janegreengold]