Drunk woman falls off NYC building while peeing and survives

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Washington Heights building

If she hadn’t been so seriously injured, this may have been a funny story…

Instead, it serves as another cautionary tale to young drinkers in the city, the moral of which being: Do not drink and take cocaine, then go to the roof of a tall building and pee when it’s windy because you may well fall off.

Nineteen-year-old “straight-A student” Meri Marabyan fell two stories onto the roof of an adjacent building while relieving herself atop the W. 179th Street building during the early hours of Wednesday morning. She tested positive for cocaine.

Washington Building fall
[New York Daily News]
Her friend Jesus Plata, 21, claims it was the wind that knocked her off after they went up to the roof following an evening of drinking rum and beer with another friend in the stairwell. They each went to opposite ends of the roof before Plata heard a loud scream followed by a thump. Emergency services found her face down with her pants around her ankles.
Marabyan remains in a critical but stable condition at Harlem Hospital Center.


Featured cover image: Gothamist

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