This Cool Beauty Brand Just Opened up Shop on Ludlow

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This Cool Beauty Brand Just Opened up Shop on Ludlow

The Lower East Side has been booming with new shop openings all season long. In recent weeks the area has seen the Waypoint video game cafe open, as well as Jimmy Webb’s rock’n’roll boutique.

Now, joining the new group of retailers is the young cosmetics brand Winky LuxFans of the online store can now walk in and shop all their amazing products, like their flower-infused lipsticks!

Launched in October 2015, we make high-pigment color cosmetics at a price that’s nice. Cruelty-free, paraben free, phtalate free and non-toxic, our makeup is made from the highest quality ingredients known to woman-kind.

The fun and colorful beauty shop opened on Ludlow about a week ago at 69 Ludlow Street. They sell products like their patent pending  matte lip velour “Lip Pills”, glimmer balms, flower balms, diamond powders, enamel pins, and so much more.

They opened just in time for one of the biggest makeup events of the year: Halloween!!


The brand is all about glitter and girl power. In the past they’ve participated in events like the Coney Island Unicorn Carnival.

Feature image source [Facebook/Winky Lux]

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