Jimmy Webb’s Rock’N’Roll Lifestyle Boutique Opens in LES

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Jimmy Webb’s Rock’N’Roll Lifestyle Boutique Opens in LES

Well known in the East Village scene for his time at Trash & Vaudeville, as manager and merchandiser for the store, Jimmy Webb is back! This time, on the Lower East Side. 

I Need More is Webb’s new boutique shop dedicated to the rock’n’roll lifestyle. He says it best himself:

I NEED MORE Is A Rock N Roll Clothing Store That’s All About The Spirit Of New York City … Past, Present And Future !!! It Was Conceived Within The Heart And Birthed On The Essence Of Art, Music, Freedom And Everything Else That Colors The World ! It’s Everything That’s Real, Raw, Energetic, Welcoming, Passionate, Dirty, Beautiful And Most Of All … Honest !!!

The store opens on Orchard Street on Friday the 13th at noon. They’ll feature curated items from Jake + Jimmy, Straight to Hell, Sir Tom Baker, unif, Schott NYC, Sterling Assault, Any Old Iron, Killstar, and Cindy Guitars! A few celebs have already stopped in for some items…

Everything about it screams rock’n’roll, and we’re PUMPED. I mean, c’mon, SLASH MADE AN APPEARANCE BEFORE IT EVEN OPENED!


Needless to say, the shop is already insanely awesome. The images truly speak for themselves:

Enough said. #WeLiveRockNRoll

Featured image source: I Need More

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