New LES Cafe is a Late-Night Haven for Gamers

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

New LES Cafe is a Late-Night Haven for Gamers
Whether you’re an NYC transplant or a New York native, chances are you’ve stumbled upon a gaming bar or two while wandering.

Well, the LES just opened another gaming location, but this one is much different than any others you’ve come across in Manhattan.

Waypoint Cafe recently opened on Ludlow Street, and the 31 personal gaming stations that line the cafe certainly sets it apart from the competition. They’re a “premier esports cafe and lounge,” and one of the first locations in NYC (outside of Queens) to feature this kind of gaming setup.

Facebook/Waypoint Cafe NYC
Facebook/Waypoint Cafe NYC

Most of us have ventured into bars with arcade games or board games, but unless you’re a serious gamer you probably haven’t sought out an esports gaming cafe specifically—until now.

The coffee shop serves its gamers wraps, baked good, tea, cider for fall, and—of course—lots of coffee! You’ll need the caffeine boost if you’re expecting to play late into the night when Waypoint finally closes its doors (which isn’t until 2 am).

Feel free to stay as long as you’d like at only $5 an hour for a personal gaming station. 

Feature image source [Facebook/Waypoint Cafe NYC]

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