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A Tiny Rat Causes Absolute Chaos on the A Train to Queens

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A Tiny Rat Causes Absolute Chaos on the A Train to Queens
New Yorkers are tough cookies, right? Well, maybe we’re not that tough, especially when you see the chaos this rat caused on the A Train on Tuesday.

We’ve seen rats of all shapes and sizes, we’ve seen them steal pizza, fight over french fries, and swarm delis. For a New Yorker, you’d assume that seeing a rodent is about as surprising as an Australian seeing a kangaroo… but no. When a rat found it’s way on an A Train to Far Rockaway, people literally FREAKED OUT.

An NYC Straphanger caught the whole event playing out on his phone after hearing the shouts and screams of panicked riders. he wrote in the video description:

We saw people jumping and climbing on seats. It was a fun ride for 1 station. The rat was really scared of all these crazy people screaming. On the next stop rat jumped out of the train.

Who would you be in that situation? A crazed passenger jumping on their seat, or the cool calm and collected videographer? Of course we’d all like to say the latter, but for most of us, that wouldn’t be true. Personally, I feel a little sorry for the rat.

Since it was uploaded last Tuesday the clip has garnered over 200,000 viewers. Check it video out for yourself here:

Featured image post [YouTube]