All Those Rats! Add This NYC Deli to Your NOPE-list

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All Those Rats! Add This NYC Deli to Your NOPE-list

NOPE! Watch a ton of rats descend on this New York City deli. All that trash is a veritable buffet for these furry little critters, let’s maybe try and avoid this deli, ok?

Pizza Rat is back, and this time he’s bringing his whole family… like, hundreds of them. This time they aren’t here for the slice, they’re taking the whole Pizzeria. Check out the footage below:


This Fort Greene deli might have a “minor” rat problem, yeah… and the subway has a “minor” problem with delays.

So you found that video a little creepy, right? It made your flesh crawl a little …but it gets so much worse. Watch them all scurry away when the camera man, twitter user @_elkue, tosses something into the yard:


The posts even got the attention of NYC Sanitation, thank got:


Might we suggest, as well as “looping in” 311, you get a dude with a flame thrower and maybe just restart the whole block from scratch.

@_elkue isn’t without a heart though, he didn’t want to see any harm come to the colony:

Maybe this will be the first good thing to come from Brooklyn gentrification.

Featured image source [abrinsky | flickr]

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