Video of Two Rats Battling Over a French Fry Goes Crazy Viral

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Video of Two Rats Battling Over a French Fry Goes Crazy Viral
Step aside Pizza Rat, there’s a new game in town. A pair of hungry rats have gone viral as their battle over a french-fry is captured on camera and shared online. Check out the video here.

2015 was a simpler time, when NYC was abuzz about a rat dragging a pizza slice home on the subway. Something about that ratty dragging a slice bigger than himself made that captured the “shoot-for-the-stars” vibe of the time. Well, pizza rat is no longer NYC’s viral rodent of choice. Now he has some tag team competition that more accurately represents the mood in 2017.

It’s that classic tale of struggle in the inner city. In a town where everything is expensive and your fellow man will step all over you to get a win, what better allegory for life in the big bad city that a pair of hungry rats in a tug of war over a french fry.

Why has this video resonated so much with people? Maybe it’s the fight, maybe it’s the meme-ability of that fight over the last french-fry on the plate, maybe it’s just two animals being goofy. Whatever the reason, the video has appeared on scores of blogs and local news stations.

The video was posted last Thursday by Seth Salcedo on Instagram.  The post, titled “It’s real in these frites” was tagged in “Chelsea, Manhattan.” So, check out New York City’s new viral rodents:

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Featured image source [Seth Salcedo on Instagram]

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