6 NYC Trends That Haven’t Caught on in the Rest Of the Country

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6 NYC Trends That Haven’t Caught on in the Rest Of the Country

It’s no secret that in many ways New York City sets the tone for the fads and trends that are later embraced by the rest of the country …meaybe even the world. But sometimes our tastes just don’t catch on.

We’re not talking about “not being shocked at casual cursing” or “paying exorbitant rent” but actual trends we can see cropping up and sticking around the city. Why don’t they catch on? Maybe because they just aren’t cool enough to appreciate them like we do. Who knows?

Poké cafes

Brace yourselves… hater comments are coming. Sichuan restaurants have spread around like wildfire but Poké hasn’t enjoyed the acceptance everywhere like they have here …and YES, LA has more than a few …but LA doesn’t constitute the rest of the country. Where does someone in Maine or Alabama go for that Hawaiian-Style Sushi? The Horror.


What? The rest of the country isn’t copying our “go-to” looks? More fool them.

Mules with light-colored fringe jeans

Brightly colored fringe earrings

Raw Cookie dough

Raw cookie dough eateries, from a pop-up to the infamous “DŌ” kicked this trend into overdrive. We’ll see how much of a shelf life this trend has after the alleged cases of food poisoning, but as little as a month ago you’d see lines around the block for some delicious gooey cookie dough goodness.

 tiki bars

It feels like spring all year long here when you’re enjoying ones of our tiki drinks! ?

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Otto’s Shrunken Head and Mother of Pearl in the East Village and at places like the Rusty Nail you can get tiki-style drinks, that’s not really a tiki bar “Trend” right? No? …ok, well how about Zombie Hut, Tiki Tabu, Dromedary Urban Tiki Bar, Jade Island, Super Power, The Happiest Hour, Tropical 128, Cienfuegos, Distinguished Wakamba Lounge, Surf Bar, Pier Restaurant & Tiki Bar… not all of them fully embrace the tiki decor, but most have a “tiki inspired” something… sounds like a trend to me. Sadly the rest of the country aren’t going crazy for the faux-island vibe like we are.

Extensive public transportation

OK, we get it, this isn’t a trend, but a fundamental part of our infrastructure …but we do spend an unfair amount of page real estate on bashing our subway, so here’s a little love:

Though we love to complain, with good reason, public transport in the rest of the country is either none existent or shockingly expensive. Check out what this redditor has to say on the matter:

I lived in California for almost my whole life from San Francisco to Los Angeles and no city in the state has as many trains and buses as NYC. And so many different trains that run on the same tracks even. I couldn’t believe how much people complained about the trains and buses when I moved here… it’s cheap and I’ve never had to walk more than half a mile for a ride here. Yes the subway system is aging and definitely needs work but you guys have no idea how good you have it. – Californiapoppy33

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