An Edible Cookie-Dough Pop-up Lands in Chelsea

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An Edible Cookie-Dough Pop-up Lands in Chelsea

An edible raw cookie dough pop-up has opened outside Gansevoort Market in Chelsea. Could the infamous raw-cookie-dough eatery, DŌ, have some competition on the horizon?

One of the best parts of home made cookies is that glorious moment you can lick the leftover cookie dough off of the wooden spoon, FDA warnings be damned. If that tugs on those nostalgia strings in you, then you might be interested in the new pop-up that opened outside Gansevoort Market in Chelsea.

Following the astounding success of DŌ (pronounced “dough”) and their Greenwich Village location, it seemed inevitable that another cookie-dough purveyor would creep out of the woodwork to provide some competition. That has finally happened courtesy of 2 Dough Boys.

2 Dough Boys opened a new pop-up outside Gansevoort Market in Chelsea last week.  Their cart carries four flavors, CHOCOLATE CHIP HOP HOORAY (Classic chocolate chip dough), CONFETTI TO DIE, (Sugar cookie dough with colored sprinkles and white chocolate chips), THE WORLD IS S’MORES (Chocolate chip dough with graham crackers, toasted mallow, and milk chips) and NUTTIN’ BUTTER G THANG (Chocolate chip dough with Reese’s cups and M&M’s.

If you’re noticing a hip hop theme to their flavors, that’s by design. They carry through that theme to the serving sizes they have on offer; LIL’ WAYNE ($6), FAT JOE ($9) and BIG PUN ($12).

You’ll find 2 Dough Boys 353 West 14th Street. Until you make it down there, here’s something to make your mouth water:


Featured image source [@2doughboyznyc]

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