The 3rd Largest City In The US Is Brooklyn… Wait… What?

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The 3rd Largest City In The US Is Brooklyn… Wait… What?

Yeah, you read that correctly, new U.S. Census Bureau statistics show that Kings County’s population is creeping up to Chicago who currently holds 3rd place behind L.A.

New York City has been the most populated city in the United States for what seems like forever, but looking at each of the five boroughs, Brooklyn is the most densely populated. The borough has increased 5% the last 5 years and by 2020 it is poised to overtake Chicago… That is, if it were a city.

According to Andrew Berman at Gothamist, Brooklyn could even take over L.A. in second place, but it would take 300 years at current growth rates… so basically, don’t hold your breath.

So lets imagine that Brooklyn secedes form NYC tomorrow, our fair city would fall behind L.A. followed by Chicago and the brand new city of Brooklyn with 2,636,735 people. Here’s hoping that it never happens!

Featured image source: [curbed.com]

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