23 Thoughts Every New Yorker Has During A Walk Of Shame

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

23 Thoughts Every New Yorker Has During A Walk Of Shame

We’ve all been there. Every night out is an opportunity to satisfy your needs. But the hard part about one night stands (or any number night stand) in this city is that your lover could live an hour away from you. Here are the thoughts that every New Yorker has while on a walk/subway ride of shame:


1. Why did I ever think it was a good idea to go to Bushwick?

2. How the heck do I get home from here?


3. Yeah it’s gonna take at least an hour to get home.

4. And I have to pee.

5. *Sniff* Did I spill beer on myself last night?


6. Jeez, I really need a shower.

7. If I smell, at least I’ll get a subway seat to myself.

8. Thank god this is New York because otherwise I’d look pretty pathetic.

9. Crap did I leave my phone there?!?!?!

freak out

10. Oh no, I got it.

11. I wonder if he/she will text me…

12. Probably not.

miss piggy no

13. But it’s possible…

14. I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

nodding gif

15. I hope my friends got home okay.

16. Why did none of them text me to make sure I was okay?

17. For all they know I could be dead right now.

18. Next time I’m going out with different people

bad blood group

19. Jeez I’m starving.

20 How is it 3’o’clock already?

21. Guess I’m gonna miss brunch again…


22. I need a nap.

23. Next time I’m taking an Uber home.


Cover photo credit: Jeffrey Zeldman/Flickr

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