19 Reasons NYC Kicks LA’s Ass!

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19 Reasons NYC Kicks LA’s Ass!

Here it is. Undeniable proof, once and for all, why New York City just destroys Los Angles on just about every level. We’re not saying NYC is perfect, we’re just saying it’s a million times better than our west coast rivals. Check it out:

1. Sure, LA has really great Mexican food, but New York has great EVERY OTHER KIND OF FOOD.


2. Walking around New York gives you a real sense of our cultural heritage. Walking around LA gives you asthma.

3. NYC has seasons. Sure, we get it, LA. Its always nice and sunny… but only lizards feel that way about the heat, you know that right?

4. New York City is the fashion capital or the US. California popularized Birkenstocks. Case closed.


5. It’s possible to spend a whole hour in NYC without seeing a Botox accident, an uneven boob job, or overtly taught face-lift.

6. The air conditioning in our restaurants isn’t on the “freeze-our-patrons-so-archaeologists-can-find-them-fresh-in-10,000-years” setting.

7. Not only do we have amazing restaurants, but our portions aren’t big enough to wipe out world hunger.


8. “Brooklyn” is globally synonymous with indie cool. They don’t talk about “Muy Brentwood” in Madrid.

9. People in New York don’t care if you work in the entertainment industry.

10. Gridlock traffic at 2am on the freeway? Go home LA, you’re drunk.


11. NYC’s movie quotes—”I’m walkin’ here!” or “Are you talking to me?” tough, we’re taking no shit. LA’s most famous movie quote? is there one?  “I’m ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille” self-involved much?

12. It’s possible to be successful in NYC without joining an alien-worshiping cult.

13. It is possible that one of your friends in NYC are working on a movie script, but they’re nice enough not to tell you about it.


14. Let’s talk about culture. NYC has around 100 museums, there are more than 200 art galleries just in Chelsea alone, Broadway, Off Broadway, the Lincoln Center Meanwhile… LA’s has a concert hall named after the creator of Mickey Mouse.

15. Walking! Ever heard of it? You know you can do it outside of a gym right, LA? New Yorkers don’t have to spend half of their days trapped in their cars.

16. LA, Avocados DO NOT GO WITH EVERYTHING! …and while we’re talking about food, LA, carbs won’t kill you.


17. We can go out drinking without having to find a designated driver.

18. If we don’t like the bar we’re in, guess what, there’s another within stumbling distance.

19. In NYC we understand that there’s a difference between being “rude” and being “honest”.


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