21 Perks Of Being A Morning Person In NYC

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

21 Perks Of Being A Morning Person In NYC

It seems like everyone is sleep deprived in this city, but for those of us who prefer to rise early, life can be pretty sweet. Here are all the advantages of being a morning person in NYC:


1. Early morning is the only time the city really slows down

2. If you get up early, you don’t have to feel rushed in the morning

3. You can walk the dog when it’s relatively quiet and peaceful

4. You have time to make breakfast

5. Or, you have time to buy breakfast

6. You can beat the line at the bagel shop

7. And the bagel shop is never out of your favorite bagel when you get there

8. You can beat the line at the coffee shop

9. You can beat the rush hour crowds on your morning commute

10. You can get things done before your co-workers even get there

11. Before your boss even gets there

12. Maybe you’ll be so productive you’ll get a promotion


13. Or maybe you’d rather leave early when you finish all your work

14. And then you can take some afternoon time for yourself

15. You have more time for things like sitting in the park and reading, the favorite past time of all New Yorkers

[Kristin Wall/Flickr]
[Kristin Wall/Flickr]
16. Or you can take the time to prepare the most delicious dinner you’ve ever made

17. Or maybe you have money to spend on take-out, because your productive self got a promotion

18. Or wine…spending money on wine is good too


19. You’re probably overall a happier person

20. You’re ready for bed at a reasonable hour

21. And you get to wake up and see the sunrise

[Anthony Quintano/Flickr]
[Anthony Quintano/Flickr]

Cover photo credit: Jonathan Grado/Flickr

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