12 Pugs That Understand The Struggles Of Living in NYC

Fernando Fernando

12 Pugs That Understand The Struggles Of Living in NYC

You think you got it bad? Check out these 12 pugs that are maneuvering the NYC jungle armed only with a flat face and a pudgy body.

When nobody understands your unique style

dog costume pug animal halloween costume

When guys hit on you on the street

Cheezburger reactions dogs pug pugs

When NYC traffic gets in the way of your plans

And the looks you get from rude drivers….

collin pug enhance

So you try to find a seat at rush hour


It’s such a big city it’s hard to get any privacy

Cheezburger pug animals dog wtf

Sometimes the pace of life gets to be too much

animals dog tired sleepy pug

Sometimes you gotta stick up for yourself and show a bit of sass

sassy pug funny attitude the look

“As soon as I get home, I’m tyding up, I’m going to the gym…” But then this happens:



Sometimes you see someone you like and you get a bit shy

pug shy

You’ve got to resort to all sorts of trickery to make it to the next paycheck.


Push it to the limit!

dog baby pug parent

It may feel like you are never gonna make it!

toy pug

But hold on ! Young pugdawans, listen to the words of this wise, old, Gandalf pug: “Although the struggle is real, if you make it here, you can make it anywhere! Go forth!
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Featured image source [thewondrous]