You’re Not A New Yorker Until These 30 Things Happen To You

Justine Golata Justine Golata

You’re Not A New Yorker Until These 30 Things Happen To You

Time to find out the true criterion for the title…

Is it 10 years here, born and raised, folding your pizza, or knowing your boedga cat by name? What truly makes you a New Yorker? We just might have the answer!

Hilarious as ever, our followers told us what qualifies you as a New Yorker, and their answers might be their funniest yet!

You’re not a New Yorker until these 30 things have happened to you:

1. “Until you lived in a fifth floor walk up apartment and the shower is in the kitchen.”

2. “Not a single thing makes you stop walking and stare.”

3. “Rats no longer faze you”


4. “Your walking speed is a steady 12mph”

5. “You go out to dinner at 1am and have to wait for a table.”

6. “You start gatekeeping who is and isn’t a New Yorker”

7. “Nothing phases you…the noise, the people, the stench in the subway, the prices, etc.”

8. “Feet are your primary mode of transportation!”


9. “You carry high heels in your bag, while walking in flats..”

10. “You judge everything New Jersey does…”

11. “You don’t have to look at a subway map to get some place in Manhattan”

12. “You’ve cried in the subway in a park and in a restaurant”

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13. “You’re baptized by an air conditioner unit”

14. “You can’t imagine existing anywhere else!”

15. “You’ll do anything to avoid Times Square!”

16. “You’ve named the mouse in your hallway”


17. “Calling Westchester ‘upstate'”

18. “You waited for the train at 4 am because Uber was $100”

19. “Until you get great furniture off the curb and drag it to your apartment.”


20. “When climbing to your fifth floor walk up with a huge laundry bag or six bags of groceries is nothing to you”

21. “You’ve memorized several locations of public bathrooms in the city – scarce as they are.”

22. “You constantly complain about NYC but still can’t leave it because deep down you know it’s the best city in the world!”

23. “You see someone famous and leave them the hell alone”

24. “Until you mastered the art of automatically waking up just before your stop on the subway.”

25. “You walk fast even when you don’t need to.”

26. “You feel it in your heart and gut that its where you belong”


27. “Someone asks you for directions”

28. “You argue for an hour that NYC pizza is the best”

29. “You say ;on line; instead of ‘in line'”

30. “Until you travel back in time and are born here”

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