20 Insane Stories That Would Only Happen In NYC

Justine Golata Justine Golata

20 Insane Stories That Would Only Happen In NYC

From celebrity run-ins to rats on the subway, nothing is impossible in NYC.

We asked our followers: “What’s the most ‘New York’ thing to happen to you?” and to no surprise, we were met with some of the wildest stories that could only ever happen in NYC.

Here are some of our favorites:

1. “Was so sleepy after work on the train that kept dozing off on someone else’s shoulder, apologized for it and the lady was kind she said ‘it’s okay we all get tired.'”

2. “Sat next to Kim Cattral at a play and she started chatting with me as if we had known each other for ages and then invited my friend and me for a drink afterwards”


3. “The taxi driver ran out of gas in the middle of the highway on our way to the LGA airport. Couldn’t wait around for another cab so we walked the rest of the way to the airport. He carried my luggage for me.”

4. “Took the subway to my own wedding (in a wedding dress)”

5. “The camels from Radio City Xmas show strolling down 6th Ave at 5am.”


6. “Bumped into Mick Jagger walking along Broadway!”

7. “I was on a late night E train and we got hElD mOmEntAriLy by the conductor. The girl sitting next to me straight up started rolling a joint on her purse to the delight of everyone. “Might as well” she said.”

8. “I moved to NY New Year’s Eve from MO in 1985. Just as we are driving thru midtown we see about three cops in a fast foot chase after some guy. Later we hung out with Andy Warhol for a little bit. It was all the excitement I had dreamed of and within hours of moving here.”

9. “A rat came on the 2 train, stood at the door and rode for 3 stops. He…or she got off at 34th St. I guess he was going to Macy’s.”


10. “I’m at a red light in Manhattan and the guy in the car next to me motions for me to roll down my window. I do and he asks, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” The light turns green and I casually reply, “Practice, baby. Practice.””

11. “Ran into 50 cent in Pershing square and thought “he’s not as tall as I thought he was.”

12. “After a while they all become normal”

13. “First weekend in my new apartment, didn’t have a coffee maker so went across the street. Crossed the street and stepped on a live and running rat…and it kept running. A guy walked past me and said ‘crazy shit, right?’ “


14. “Buying a can of beans for $3.50 at a deli”

15. “Taxi driver actually drove down a small stretch of sidewalk to get around traffic.”

16. “Hopped into a man’s car thinking he was my Lyft driver (same make/model). He actually took me to my destination and tried to get me to pay him cash. I told him “NO” and we basically spent 3 min cussing each other out”

17. “My husband and I struck up a conversation with the bartender in the bar of the hotel we stayed at that lasted 2 hrs. Then when we saw him on the street the next day we hugged as if we’ve been friends for years! Only in NY can a complete stranger become your bestie in less than a day.”

18. “Walking 10000 steps daily out of necessity”

19. “During the first date we found out that we’re both natives of NYC, we grew up 4 blocks from each other, are the same age, and went to the same pediatrician. Now we’re getting married!!! Big city, small world, where magic happens!”


20. “I shared a yellow cab with the same women on 2 different occasions. And we didn’t know each other and we both had no ties to that block or part of town. Yet it happen in the span of 2 months.”

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