Get Ready To Fly From NYC To London In Only 90 Minutes On This Hypersonic Jet

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Get Ready To Fly From NYC To London In Only 90 Minutes On This Hypersonic Jet
Another hypersonic jet is in the works to make travel time between NYC and London as short as humanly possible.

Over the past year we’ve caught wind of various airliners being built that would shorten the flight time to London by more than half—three hours on the Boom Supersonic “Overture”, three on the X-59 QueSST by NASA, or two hours on the Boeing. Now, an Atlanta-based start up has just received funding to create a jet that would make the trip from NYC to London in only 90 minutes!

Hermeus Corporation is a young aerospace technology company that was founded in 2018, but they’re already making waves with the recent announcement that they’ve secured seed funding and private investors to make this aircraft a reality. The funds from this round will go toward further developing and testing the “hypersonic propulsion system” that the company is currently working on. According to the corporation’s co-founder and CEO, AJ Piplica:

“We’ve set out on a journey to revolutionize the global transportation infrastructure, bringing it from the equivalent of dial-up into the broadband era, by radically increasing the speed of travel over long distances.”

The aircraft being developed would be capable of traveling at Mach 5 speeds (the speed of sound is Mach 1), which is over 3,000-miles-per-hour. At these speeds the flight from NYC to London would be drastically cut from its current seven-hour stretch to a short hour and a half. We’re still waiting on a timeline for this aircraft though, but until then we’ll just have to wait for the Boom Supersonic “Overture” commercial flights to begin in 2025!

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