You Can Stroll Through Giant Colorful Planets At This Dreamy New Brooklyn Art Installation

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

You Can Stroll Through Giant Colorful Planets At This Dreamy New Brooklyn Art Installation

An otherworldly art installation has popped up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn—multiple other worlds, that is.

Digital mixed media artist Anne Spalter created “Vacation Planet” in a 8,300-square-foot space at the 25 Kent Building in Brooklyn “as if someone had dipped a bubble wand into a moment at the beach.” The room is full of 14 different massive spheres, ranging in size from three to 16 feet.

Photo credit: Anne Spalter Studios

There are Adirondack-style chairs, natural jute carpets, and lots of tropical greenery—and that beachy feel isn’t accidental. The spheres are printed with “algorithm-based digital reworks of footage the artist captured in vacation locales like Miami Beach,” according to a press release. There are also “sun-emulating washer lights” and an “ocean soundscape” so you can really be immersed in another (much warmer!) world.

Photo credit: Anne Spalter Studios

The ceiling is 22 feet high, and some spheres hang from it while others are secured to the ground.

And, if the space wasn’t ‘gram-friendly enough, there are three custom Instagram Stories filters featuring animated versions of the spheres (follow @annespalter, and they will automatically show up  in the “Stories” feature on the most updated version of the Instagram app).

Photo credit: Anne Spalter Studios

“I want visitors to experience their own personal vacation planet by entering a ‘sun-lit’ art installation offering a summertime respite from the winter in New York City,” explained Spalter. “Vacation Planet is meant to be a fun, surrealist immersive public art environment that mixes the semiotics of the tropical beach vacation with the mystery, wonder and loneliness of outer space by way of these planet-like orbs.”

With freezing temps coming this weekend, this sounds like the perfect staycation to us!

It is open now through February 23 from 11am-7pm Wednesday-Sunday at 25 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn.

featured image source: Anne Spalter Studios

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