Snow Followed By A Deep Freeze Is Expected To Hit NYC This Weekend

From record breaking January heat to a deep freeze, NYC weather is all over the place this month.

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Snow Followed By A Deep Freeze Is Expected To Hit NYC This Weekend

You’d think snow in January wouldn’t have to be announced, but considering the oddly warm winter we’re experiencing this season it’s kind of a big deal.

Last weekend temperatures in Central Park were warm enough to make cherry trees bloom! ¬†Only a few days later temperatures in the city are expected to drop into the low 20s. According to the National Weather Service, NYC will be “blustery” low of 24 degrees by Thursday night with winds expected to “gust as high as 44 mph”!

Temperatures will remain below freezing on Friday with a high near 31 and a low of 20, but overall a clear day. However, Saturday is looking messy. Snow is expected to fall before 4pm, after which it will become a mix of rain and snow. More snow is expected for Sunday and the below freezing temperatures will stick around until the middle of next week.

National Weather Service

Unfortunately, considering the recent warmth, it seems unlikely that the snow will stick. So instead of getting a few hours of pretty fluffy snow it’ll probably be a gross wintry mix…stay dry and keep warm out there, New York!

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