All About The “You Are Not Alone” Murals Popping Up Around NYC


All About The “You Are Not Alone” Murals Popping Up Around NYC
In honor of May being the National Mental Health Awareness month, you might have noticed three similar looking murals around the city. Here’s what they stand for:

The You Are Not Alone Murals is a collaborative project launched by artists Annica Lydenberg; known primarily for Dirty Bandits, and Samantha Schutz; author of I Don’t Want To Be Crazy. The first lot of the murals were put up at the very beginning of May in order to coincide with the start of the awareness month. What was initially developed from a place of support for those battling with mental issues and a continuation of Schutz’ You Make Me Feel Less Alone project, has snowballed into something much larger.

You Are Not Alone seems like such a simple four letter statement, but the meaning behind it can act as the comfort that someone who feels misunderstood or alienated for whatever reasons desperately needs to hear in a given moment.

The project is now being handed off to other artists around the city to put up their own You Are Not Alone mural (using the same color pallette) but with a unique personal twist. By expanding to more walls around the city, the goal is for the project to gain an identity of its own with the hopes of taking it nationally some day.

Check out the video below for more details:

featured image: instagram.com/youarenotalonemurals