6 Hardcore-Foodporn Dishes That You Can Eat In NYC

Yago Hein Yago Hein

Good-looking food nyc

Marketing says: when people don’t know you and you want to sell food make it look AMAZING! Well, I have to say that this technique works phenomenally well, this has literally been one of the hardest articles to write. After each bullet point I said to myself, “I’m starving… I’m gonna get one of those for lunch!” and here’s the reason why:

1. Victory Garden

Good-looking food nyc
[Victory Garden]
31 Carmine St, New York, NY 10014,  – $6: 1 Doe (medium size) ice cream

2. ChikaLicious

Good-looking food nyc
203 E 10th St, New York, NY 10003 – $9,99: ChikaLicious ConeCHURROS® 


3. Tres Carnes 

Good-looking food nyc
[Tres Carnes]
688 6th Ave. New York, NY 10010 – $10: 2 tacos, 1 side, & 1 drink


4. The Bagel Store

Good-looking food nyc
[My Modern Met]
349 Bedford Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211 – $3.95: Rainbow Bagels & All Bagel Art


5. Jack’s Sliders and Sushi

Good-looking food nyc
[Jack’s Sliders and Sushi]
171 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003 – $39: Asian fusion bottomless brunch for 2


6. Yorkafe

Good-looking food nyc
York Ave & E 83rd St, New York, NY 10028 – $2: Nutella bagel


Feature Image: Steak N Subs

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