This Website Answers Only One Question: Whether Or Not The L Train Is Running

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New York City’s subway system is notorious for delays and random closures, and that’s especially true of the L train. 

However, now there’s a website that is dedicated solely to one thing: letting everyone know the status of the L. The site is literally called “Is The L Running.” That’s it. 

When you go on the website ( you will immediately be given the answer to this question. At the time of writing this article the site reads:

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 3.22.06 PM

This will definitely come in handy this year while the L train is…well, open but also closed on “some nights and weekends” for 15 months? The link will tell you if it’s running late, closed, or on time. 

If you want to see the real time subway delays and changes for all lines you can check out the Real MTA Info Map. 

featured image source: wikimedia commons