This Map Shows NYC Subway Delays and Changes in Real Time

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

real mta map

Ask any New Yorker to tell you their worst subway commute story and they probably have a few lined up.

With all the construction and delays on the subways commuting can be a nightmare. You can never really be certain that you’re 15 minute commute won’t end up being 45.

However, there’s now a website that can help with that. The Real MTA Info Map was created by Eric Markfield and shows commuters what lines are working properly. Any subway lines with delays, service changes, or planned work will be hidden from the map.

If the map itself is hard to understand, all the subway lines are written to the side of the screen with those having issues hidden in gray. You can also click on the hidden line to find out why it is delayed or experiencing changes.

The map refreshes itself every few minutes, and posts to twitter twice a day.

featured image source: Real MTA Info

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