Watch New Yorkers Get Pranked Into Waiting in a Fake Line for iPhone X

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Watch New Yorkers Get Pranked Into Waiting in a Fake Line for iPhone X

The group Improv Everywhere put on quite the show this week for New Yorkers in the Flatiron area. 

The group brilliantly turned the glass subway elevator on 23rd Street into Apple’s iconic glass cube on Wednesday. While the iPhone X had a release date of November 3rd, it wasn’t too hard for this bunch to fool others into believing this truly “fake news”.

Along with being the wrong release date, the subway sign can be seen just below the Apple logo on the cube. This, however, was easy to explain and didn’t stop people from taking the elevator downstairs to purchase the iPhone X at this “new Apple Store” (or so they thought).

To further fool people, the members of the improv group wore Apple tech shirts that made them look as if they were employees. To get the line started they also brought 50 people to wait in this fake line.

When people asked the fake employees about the store they were told it was a new location downstairs in the subway. When asked about the new store people responded hilariously. One even notes that this glass cube was definitely dirtier than the Fifth Avenue cube. Touché.

Watch the series of events unfold in this video, and see how people respond to the “new store”:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFJpq8S99bM]

We have to admit, it was a great prank! Well done, Improv Everywhere.

Featured image source: Arin Sang-urai via Improv Everywhere