Watch Maroon 5 and Jimmy Fallon Busk on the NYC Subway

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Watch Maroon 5 and Jimmy Fallon Busk on the NYC Subway
In last nights episode of The Tonight Show, Adam Levine and Jimmy Fallon actually managed to make the NYC subway even more unbearable than usual… by busking. Thanks, guys.

What do you hate most about the New York City Subway? The Delays? The smell of pee? Jimmy Fallon? Yeah, the tonight show host is at it again with his subway busking performances. Just when you thought the subway couldn’t be any more of a depressing hellscape, in steps Jimmy Fallon with his disguises that wouldn’t fool gym teacher.

Back in June of last year, Fallon and Miley Cirus performed a stunning performance “Jolene,” one of her godmother Dolly Parton’s greatest hits. This time Jimmy and Maroon 5 gave a surprise performance of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and “Sugar”. That’s like following up a ride in a Limousine with …well, with a ride on the New York City Subway. This time Fallon decided to opt for the Hipster-meets-1920’s-newspaper-vendor disguises.

Don’t worry “Rat’s having a tug of war over a french fry,” you are still this year’s best subway entertainment.

Check out the performance below:

Featured image source [YouTube]

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