A Brand New Valentine’s Day Themed Art Installation Will Be Unveiled In Times Square Today

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

A Brand New Valentine’s Day Themed Art Installation Will Be Unveiled In Times Square Today
The winner of the 2019 Valentine Heart Sculpture, “X,” is being unveiled today.

The winner of the annual design competition for the Valentine Heart in Times Square will be unveiled today, February 1. “X,” explores how love within communities can manifest through connecting diversity and equality. The idea behind the sculpture comes from the “convergence of lines in an X.”

According to Times Square Arts,

“An “X” evokes many expressions of interpersonal and civic love, including the written symbol for a kiss, and even the mark of a vote. People from all backgrounds cross paths in Times Square, and Reddymade’s design offers them a meeting point for further exchange and connection. takes its titular form with two crossed aluminum planes, creating a passageway through or a snug meeting place within the 18-foot-tall structure. Round openings at the centers of the planes combine into heart shapes when viewed from different angles. X’s glowing light grows brighter as people gather underneath its intersection.”

This sculpture will be the largest Valentine Heart ever to be displayed in Times Square and will provide for a pretty Instagramable snapshot. We’re also expecting to see a bunch of proposals happen here! If you’re looking for a unique spot to pop the question yourself, check out this list of 10 perfect proposal locations in NYC. Or, if you’re not at that point in your relationship yet and are just looking for some V-Day inspiration, check out these 10 ideas for Valentine’s Day activities for you and bae.

You can find more information about Reddymade’s projects on their Instagram page.

Featured image: Courtesy of Times Square Alliance