This Twitter Account Shares What The Line Looks Like At CityMD

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

This Twitter Account Shares What The Line Looks Like At CityMD

Gotta say, New Yorkers who create Twitter accounts with LIVE line updates are heroes among us.

With social distancing and limited capacity requirements, waiting on (spaced out) lines has become a new norm in NYC. And some New Yorkers voluntarily started social media accounts to share the status of lines with their neighbors, which are especially helpful if you catch an off moment!

There was a Twitter account that shared the line status at Trader Joe’s in Brooklyn, and now there’s one that shares the status of lines at City MD, the urgent care center that most New Yorkers rely on to get their COVID-19 tests.

From taking pictures themselves to retweeting others from followers, they crowd-source the status so you don’t have to go out if it’s an hours-long wait…or you can run out if there are only 5 people on line! They mainly tackle the Boreum Hill location in Brooklyn, but also post about the other centers like in the NYC Health & Hospital system, and it is led entirely by a team of volunteers.

Check it out @CityMDLine.

featured image source: Twitter / @CityMDline

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