Times Square’s Iconic Screens Have Been Lit Up With Big ‘Congratulations’ To Biden & Harris

Justine Golata Justine Golata

Times Square’s Iconic Screens Have Been Lit Up With Big ‘Congratulations’ To Biden & Harris

After days, which felt more like years, of New Yorkers waiting in anticipation for the 2020 Presidential election results, Times Square projects and congratulates America’s newest President & Vice President.

After the announcement of the nation’s 46th President, Joe Biden, and Vice President, Kamala Harris, Saturday morning, New Yorkers have been celebrating in the streets and cheering on the USPS trucks all weekend long.

With Times Square being a popular celebration destination this weekend, a new projection took display on the One Times Square building screens. Home to the New Years Eve ball drop, this building is an iconic staple in New York City. According to the Time Square’s website, the building consists of three bottom digital screens that were turned into one gigantic screen in 2019 dubbed “The 1.” At 200 feet tall, and three top screens titled “The Countdown.”

The screens read “Congrats Biden Harris” showing images of President Biden and V.P. Harris smiling and standing together. People everywhere are sure to see the projection as One Times Square is the #1 Geopath-rated out-of-home signage in the country, said their website.

The 363-foot display of the new President and Vice President only add to the city’s celebration as anyone passing through Times Square surely won’t miss the congratulatory, beaming red, white, and blue banner! It will be rotating throughout the week.

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featured image source: Instagram/ @sincerelymaureen

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