Forecasts Predict Rare ‘Thundersnow’ For NYC Tonight

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Forecasts Predict Rare ‘Thundersnow’ For NYC Tonight

A massive nor’easter will be rolling in starting around 4 p.m. today, with snowfall carrying through to tomorrow morning.

It could be the biggest one we’ve seen in years — the last time we had a foot of snow recorded (which is what is currently predicted) was in 2016. But, snow isn’t the only surprise weather in store!

According to meteorologists with NBC New York’s Storm Team 4, “thundersnow” is possible for NYC tonight, and even more likely for the areas further south and east of the city.

Like its name implies, “thundersnow” is when a thunderstorm occurs when temperatures are low enough that the main form of precipitation is snow instead of rain.

Though they say severe weather is more likely south of NYC, you may still hear the rumbles of thunder in the distance as snow is falling down! CBS New York also said occasional thundersnow is possible between 11 p.m. tonight and 7 a.m. tomorrow.

We’ll just have to see what nature has in store!

NYC is currently under a “Winter Storm Warning,” with people encouraged to stay at home and keep off the roads. With high winds power outages also likely, New Yorkers can stay up to date on proper precautions here.

Here are the latest predictions for the storm:


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