You Thought You’d Seen Bill Murray Do Everything …Until Now

Rob Grams Rob Grams

You Thought You’d Seen Bill Murray Do Everything …Until Now

Bill Murray is coming to Carnegie Hall with a show unlike anything else the actor/comedian has done before. Get ready, everyone’s favorite Ghostbuster is about to break into the music industry.

Hollywood A-lister, funny man, and all around bon vivant, Bill Murray is back in the headlines, only this time he’s not serving shots in Greenpoint, or walking across the Brooklyn Bridge in the name of poetry, Now it’s for the love of music.

Would you head to Carnegie Hall to watch Bill Murray sing? Personally, we’d sell a kidney to hang out in a DMV line with him, let alone for an evening of entertainment. What makes this Carnegie Hall show unique is that fans of Murray will get a peek behind the curtain of what moves and motivates this truly unique individual.

Murray, along with his friend and cellist Jan Vogler, are set to perform a program called “New Worlds“, a show celebrating the comedian’s love for the traditions and music that have influenced generations of artists. Gershwin, Mancini and Walt Whitman (and of course many more) will all get the Bill Murray treatment in a show that promises to be as entertaining as it is unpredictable.

How did Bill Murray end up befriending and collaborating with a German Cellist? Well, the most Murray way possible, over a joke. They first met on a flight, where Murray asked Vogler whether his cello would fit in the overhead compartment. The pair struck up a conversation and became fast friends, finding common ground on their mutual love of music and literature. Here’s an insight into their creative process:

The New Worlds studio album is slated for release on September 29, and Mr. Murray hits Carnegie Hall on October 16 and tickets are priced between $40 and $250. Find more information HERE.

Featured image source [Wikimedia Commons]