Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge with your Favorite Ghostbuster in June

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Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge with your Favorite Ghostbuster in June

What’s better that a leisurely stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge? A leisurely stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge with Bill-freaking-Murray, that’s what!

The Poets House’s 22nd annual Poets Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge is on June 12, and Pere Venkman himself will be in attendance. The fundraiser goes towards the organization’s events and programs, including supporting over 100 yearly literary programs for local children. The bad news? Tickets for the event start at $250, and if you’re thinking of booking a premier table at the reception it’ll cost you up to $10,000… The good news? Yeah, the walk is ticketed, but they can’t stop members of the public from tagging along… “I need to get to Brooklyn. Oh, Mr. Murray! Fancy seeing you here!”

If you are planning on just tagging along, do bear in mind that the event does raise money for a good cause!

So, why is Bill Murray there? Murray attends the event regularly, and according to AM New York, he used to live next door to the vice president to Poet House. It’s all about who you know I guess.

If you do decide to contribute to poet’s house the walk will be lead by a group of poets reading New York City-inspired poems along the way. And it doesn’t hurt that you’ll have your favorite Ghostbuster keeping you company.

Click HERE for more information on the Poets Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Featured image source [Wikimedia Commons]

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