The World’s Largest Viking Ship Has Just Docked in NYC

Fernando Fernando

The World’s Largest Viking Ship Has Just Docked in NYC

Calm down. No need to dash out of your house and run for safety like you were living in a 16th century British coastal monastery. This viking ship is full of friendly Norwegians!

Inspired by the journey of Leif Eriksson, the first known European to discover North America five hundred years before Columbus, the Draken Harald Hårfagre left Haugesund, Norway in April on a mission to cross the Atlantic. It’s a viking boat just like the one Leif Eriksson would have sailed on. Now, their mission has been accomplished: the open 115-foot wooden boat is set to dock in Battery Park City’s North Cove Marina, where it will be on display and open for tours until September 26th. Leif would be proud, as shown in this 100% original, untouched antique painting of him.


This transatlantic journey wasn’t easy, as you can imagine. Although they did not face any giant sea snakes (As far as we know) the crew faced “storms, icebergs, unpredictable weather and many challenges along the route,” which took them past Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland, into the St. Lawrence Seaway and finally down the Erie Canal. “The crew and I look forward to this historic moment when Draken docks at the North Cove Marina on the Island of Manhattan(…) This is not something we get to do every day.”Get your fix of vikingness before Ragnarok comes!


Featured image [drakenharaldharfagre/Instagram]