The 20 Stages Of A NYC Commute, Explained by Beyoncé Gifs

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Queen Bey definitely does not take the subway. But she would sympathize with the struggles of those of us who do. Here are the stages you go through on your morning commute:

1. Worrying that you forgot your MetroCard. Again.

beyonce worried

2. But realizing that you have it

beyonce proud

3. Getting your swipe right on the first try

beyonce swoop

4. Running to make the train


5. And trying to act cool when you miss it

beyonce embarassed

6. Sweating while you’re waiting for the next one

beyonce sweating

7. And then getting a blast of cool air when you finally get on

beyonce wind

8. When someone is leaning on the pole so no one else can grab onto it

beyonce finger wag

9. Trying to find some personal space in a crowded car

beyonce personal space

10. When someone drops something and has to bend down to pick it up

beyonce booty

11. When you’re holding onto the pole and you know you look good

beyonce on pole

12. When the train takes a turn too fast

beyonce jiggling

13. When you see somebody cute

beyonce flirting

14. But then you have to get off at your stop before you can say hello

beyonce walking away

15. Trying to get to the door when the car is crowded


16. When you realize how late you are

beyonce shocked

17. So you walk down the platform like you mean it

beyonce strutting

18. Then you get winded from your walk up three flights of stairs

beyonce fanning

19. But you arrive at work on time!

beyonce triumphant

20. It’s going to be a good day.


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