Worst Commute Award to be Announced Weekly

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

Worst Commute Award to be Announced Weekly
The New York City Riders Alliance is now presenting an award for the worst commute of the week in response to the ever declining state of the city’s MTA public transport system.  This week’s winner is a woman from Queens who was trapped in the subway with her fellow commuters for over two hours, only one stop away from her home.  

The New York City Riders Alliance, a grassroots association of public transport users in NYC, lobbies for improvements to the public transport system. The association is gaining popularity every day as conditions of the MTA seem to be worsening. Qualms with the subway and the public bus system have driven New York commuters to rally in support of new legislation and funds directed towards improvements of the transport system which is used by millions of people each day.  


The Worst Commute Award will be given out weekly and is aimed at brightening the day of those commuters affected by the outdated system while simultaneously shaming government officials and the New York State legislature into improving the failing system.

Think your commute has what it takes to win the award? Your horror story can be up for the prize by submitting a 100 word description of your worst MTA experience to the Riders Alliance using the hashtag #worstcommute. Winners of the contest will be awarded a chocolate replica of the NYC metrocard. 


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