The Stromboli Bagel Sandwich is NYC’s New Foodie Obsession

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The Stromboli Bagel Sandwich is NYC’s New Foodie Obsession
 Get ready for a drool-fest. When one of NYC’s best bakers and restaurants team up, you know you’re in for a treat. The “Stromboli Bagel” is about to fill your belly AND your Instagram feed.

We’re no strangers to the notion of the “bagel-hybrid” here in New York. The last one to take the city by storm was a collaboration between Black Seed Bagel and Nom Wah Kuai named The Baogel.

Now, the legendary Black Seed Bagels is back. This time they have has teamed up with one of NYC’s most beloved pizza joints, to create a treat that can be best described as the worlds best homemade hot pocket. Meet the “stromboli bagel.”

Buongiorno! Get your hot @pizzalovesemily Stromboli Bagels fresh out the oven. Supply is limited ??

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This delicious savory treat is covered in sesame and poppy seeds, generously stuffed with mozzarella, salami, spicy Italian peppers and drizzled with Brooklyn’s own Mikes Hot Honey. Just check out that filling:

It’s spicy, meaty and cheesy… this is truly the creation of a pizzeria and a bagel shop. All in all, it’s perfect to beat back some of the winter-cold and, of course, leave you wanting more.

Who do we have to thank for this delectable eat? The “stromboli bagel” was created with Emily owner and head chef Matthew S Hyland teaming up with the good folks at Black Seed… collaboration is a wonderful thing.

The “stromboli bagel”  is available all December. Try one and thank us later.

Featured image source [blackseedbagels | Instagram]


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