Meet NYC’s New Food Mashup Obsession: The Baogel

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Meet NYC’s New Food Mashup Obsession: The Baogel
Behold, The Baogel; part bagel, part bao bun, and wholly capable of becoming New York City’s next “cronut.” Brace yourself, this food mashup will dominate your instafeed for years.

It’s almost Halloween, it makes sense that the next famous Frankenstein Food mashup should crop up into the new your zeitgeist. The new food hybrid that’s kicking the cronut to the curb is the Baogel.

The Baogel is a savory treat coming to the city courtesy of Black Seed Bagel and Nom Wah Kuai. The Frankenpastry mashes together a bao bun and bagel into a confection that looks oldy at home in the city, like it’s been around for years but flown under the radar.

The confection was created by Julie Cole (of Nom Wah Kaui’s) and Dianna Daoheung (head baker at Black Seed Bagel). The Baogel in filled with Nom Wah’s famous sweet pork belly then wrapped in Black Seed’s sesame bagel dough, then served up with a side of chili cream cheese made in-house… mouth watering yet?

Where can you get your hands on a Baogel? It’s available at all three of Black Seed’s locations in Nolita (170 Elizabeth St), Battery Park City (Hudson Eats at Brookfield Place 200 Vesey St), and the East Village (176 First Avenue), as well as Nom Wah Kuai (265 Canal St). Cool your jets though, the Baogel isn’t landing until November 1.


As always, you’ll probably have to beat a few queues to pick up a Baogel at Nom Wah Kuai or Black Seed Bakery, especially with the launch being announced so early. If you’re willing to wait a little on Wednesday, November 1st, you’ll be able to pick up a Baogel for $8.50.

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