Lady Liberty Can Now Be Found Catching Some Z’s In Morningside Park

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Lady Liberty Can Now Be Found Catching Some Z’s In Morningside Park

A giant, 25-foot-long sculpture of the Statue of Liberty is now on view at Morningside Park in Harlem!

But this isn’t your typical majestic, standing-at-attention in New York Harbor Lady Liberty. Instead, the sculpture depicts the famous mascot of NYC lounging in the grass, like most New Yorkers can be seen doing lately in this incredible spring weather. [featured image source: Instagram / @nycstreetsandeats]

The creation is by LA artist Zaq Landsberg and will be on view to the public for just about a year — through April 25, 2022. It is aptly titled “Reclining Liberty.”

Visitors are welcome to interact with it, whether climbing, leaning or lounging right alongside her!

According to a press release, it was inspired as a “mashup” of the famous statue and the large reclining Buddhas that can be seen across Asia. It’s also finished with copper paint, to help it look as close to the real Statue of Liberty as possible.

Our video editor found it the perfect place to relax and have a long think…which we highly recommend!

Find it by the park entrance at West 120th St. and Morningside Ave.


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