Soft Serve Makes a Snazzy Comeback

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Soft Serve Makes a Snazzy Comeback
Although soft serve ice cream never really went away, it seems that there’s recently been a resurgence in its popularity.

Before you attack us for even insinuating soft serve went anywhere, you can’t deny that there tends to be a divide between those who swear by traditional ice cream, and those who need their soft serve fix. While all may enjoy the occasional richness of ice cream from places like Ice & Vice, Davey’s, and Mikey Likes It, many dessert shops are creating unique soft serve flavors and presentations that are incredibly tempting to all sweet treat enthusiasts. You may not hear too much about Sixteen Candles or Tasti D-Lite these days, but you’ve likely come across Soft Swerve, Taiyaki NYC, and Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit on your Instagram feed within the last few days (if you check it often).

Soft Swerve created ube and matcha soft serves that tops a cupcake.

Taiyaki NYC serves their delicious soft serve flavors in a creative fish-shaped waffle cone.

Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit lets you enjoy your soft serve in a pretzel cone with fresh fruit toppings. They even had coconut bowls for a limited time earlier this summer!

And then there’s Dominique Ansel. Beyond the wonderful creations he offers at his soft serve window (burrata, and peach tea being two flavors), he also created this famous watermelon soft serve for July 4th.

Now, this isn’t to say soft serve is a thing of the past, but it’s nice to see more of it on social media. Those who love the creaminess of traditional ice cream tend to stay away from the soft serve spots. But with fun and creative flavors (bowls and cones, too) it’s impossible not to at least try them!

We can’t wait to see what exciting things are created next.

featured image source [Yelp / Ming C.]

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