This NYC Ice Cream Shop Stays #Trending

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

This NYC Ice Cream Shop Stays #Trending
Taiyaki NYC has been killing it in the media with their crazy trendy treats for quite some time now, and they haven’t stopped pushing out more.

Aside from serving delicious ice cream, they’ve realized the key to continuous exposure is in their presentation. And their creations are incredibly photogenic.

Most are already aware of the fish shaped waffle cones they serve with ice cream rising out of its mouth. They’ve likely been on your Instagram feed all summer—if not all year—long.

But then their colorful matcha green tea ice cream became a thing…

And then there was the croyaki (croissant-taiyaki)…

Then the unicorn ice cream…

Now, there are unicorn floats that hold your drink.


These floats are only being sold from August 7th through 10th while supplies last, but Taiyaki NYC sure knows how to stay in the trending limelight. Toss your lame drink koozies and step up your summer game with one of these adorable unicorns. When you order a float you’ll also get a lactose-free taro slush. But if you want one you’ll have to order as soon as possible.

This drink float couldn’t possibly be more perfect for summer festivities.

Featured image source [Taiyaki NYC]

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