A Beautiful Snowy Owl Has Touched Down In Central Park’s North Meadow

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

A Beautiful Snowy Owl Has Touched Down In Central Park’s North Meadow

Hedwig is in Central Park!

Kind of. Central Park bird watchers spotted the beautiful feathery friend visiting the park late this morning, hanging out on the North Meadow’s ball fields. Park goers were excited to see the bird, which @BirdCentralPark describes as a “mega rarity” for the area, and soon other visitors came to catch a look.

The Twitter account, which reports rare bird sightings in the city and shares photos and insights (they’ve been the first to announce nearly every noteworthy rare bird in Manhattan since May 2013!), made sure to tell people that they should not approach the creature, and noted that the Central Park Urban Rangers were on the scene to make sure everyone was respectful and to educate visitors on the bird.

It was even caught hanging out with some NYC crows!

They said that because of the extreme cold weather and snow north of the city yesterday, the bird likely was flying south in search of better hunting. “These owls like flat lands and beaches, so the Central Park North Meadow, flat and with sand-filled fields, might have appealed,” they explained.

As per their most recent Tweets it’s still there (on the west side of the Central Park North Meadow near 98th Street.), but either way you can catch a glimpse allll over social media. It’s the biggest owl NYC has obsessed over since the Rockefeller Christmas Tree bird!

featured image source: Twitter / @BirdCentralPark

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