You Can Go Dog Sledding Beneath Snow-Covered Mountains In Upstate New York

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You Can Go Dog Sledding Beneath Snow-Covered Mountains In Upstate New York

You may have thought you could only enjoy the winter sport of dog sledding somewhere far away like Alaska or Canada, but you can actually do it right here in New York!

You will have to travel a bit far upstate, and make sure it’s snowing, but what better way is there to fill the cold winter weekends?

Thunder Mountain Kennel in Lake Placid, NY offers dog sledding on both the sprawling Mirror Lake or throughout the Adirondack wilderness, according to Visit Adirondacks. The sled dogs are born and bred to run, and love traipsing through the powdery snow!

The dog sled tours take place from mid-morning to early evening throughout the winter months, though of course are ice and snow permitting and may change without notice.


Reservations aren’t needed, you can just stop by, but feel free to call (518) 891-6239 to make sure!

You can also stay at the nearby High Peaks Resort, where there are lots of other winter activities to enjoy.

Their location is directly across the street from the Resort at 2384 Saranac Ave, Lake Placid, NY, and directly behind Players Sports Bar/Top of the Park on Main Street in Lake Placid.

Can’t wait to plan a winter weekend trip!

featured image source: LakePlacid.com

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